Born Ke’Von Tyree Ferguson in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Li ’Kev’s birthday is February 18,2002. His father and biological mother divorced when he was 9 years old. He found himself growing up in a rough neighborhood while living with his mother. Although he made the best of a bad situation, his life changed for the better when he went to live with his father and stepmother in Prairieville, Louisiana at the age of 13. There he turned over a new leaf while growing up was never smooth sailing. Throughout his school years, Li’Kev was very active in sports. He played everything from football, basketball, and baseball. Li’Kev also had another passion and that was music. He played violin and he also became a very skilled drummer. 

 At the age of 15, Li ’Kev discovered his talent for creating lyrics and that he had a unique voice to display them. His driving force to pursue his talent and career was his stepmother who was very impressed with is talent. Together they formed a team to showcase his music. In four years, Li’Kev released five albums. Respect (2020), Against the World (2021), Bolo (2021), Crossroads (2021), and Outlet (2022). These albums truly showcased Li’Kev’s undeniable talent and ice-cold flow that set him apart.

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For me, music started out as an outlet for coping with everyday life. But seeing the impact my music is making and will make in the future is Crazy to me! I Am Loving Every Minute Of It!” - Li’Kev