Li'kev On The Move

 Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Li'Kev found himself growing up in a rough neighborhood. Although he made the best of a bad situation throughout, his life changed for the better when he moved to Prairieville and turned over a new leaf. While growing up was never plain sailing, adversity inevitably shaped Li'Kev to be the man he is today, as well as heavily inspiring his music and his personal pursuit for greatness. 

Although he's only been making music for four years, Li'Kev has impressively released as many albums. 'Respect' (2020), 'Against The World' (2021), BOLO (2021), and Crossroads (2021) -- the latter two have gone on to truly showcase the undeniable talent and ice-cold flow that has set him apart from the other emerging hip-hop artists of the past few years. Now on his 5th album Outlet which was supposed to be released (2022) but due to the demands of his fans, it was released early December (2021). It is now quickly rising to the top of the charts.

With his recent ventures in music maturing himself as a human being and his music simultaneously, Li'Kev has his sights set on big things. He hopes to one day start his own imprint, where he can take the brightest stars of the future and pass the knowledge he's obtained back upon them.